Sushi Mitsukawa in Kanazawa's famous Higashi Chaya district.
Bask in the afterglow of the finest hospitality
as you walk home through the charming streets of Chaya.

Sushi Mitsukawa is a restaurant
in Higashi Chaya,
a well-known and historic district
in castle town Kanazawa.
The stone-paved Higashi Chaya district
located along Asanogawa river
that winds around the foothills of Mt. Utasu,
retains remnants of a bygone era,
with old houses adorned
with beautiful lattice windows called Kimusuko.
Come to the restaurant to enjoy
the charming location and refined Edomae zushi
served with supreme hospitality
in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Takashi Ikuta

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture.
He has a reputation for putting his all into every single piece of sushi rather than simply making them in act of repetition.
His greatest joy is in seeing the smiling faces of his customers.
One of his other joys is fishing.

Sushi Mitsukawa Kanazawa Main Restaurant
1-16-2 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Business hours
12 pm to 2 pm/5:30 pm to 10 pm
*Please check here to see the schedule showing other days the restaurant is closed.
  • From bus stop No. 3 at JR Kanazawa Station east exit: approx. 7 minutes on the Hokuriku Railroad bus No. 11, 12, 16, get off at Hashibacho bus stop and walk about 6 minutes
  • From bus stop No. 3 at JR Kanazawa Station east exit: approx. 11 minutes on the Kanazawa loop bus on the clockwise route, get off at Hashibacho bus stop (in front of the police box) and walk about 4 minutes
  • From bus stop No. 4 at JR Kanazawa Station east exit: 7 to 15 minutes on the JR bus heading to Higashinagae or Morimoto Station, get off at Hashibacho bus stop and walk about 5 minutes
  • 1,702 m from the Hokutetsu-Kanazawa Station
Proceed through the maze-like alleyway deep inside Higashi Chaya district and you'll find the restaurant nestled quietly like a hideaway among the other buildings.
If you get lost, please refer to the above map and follow the directions below.
  • Head northward over the Asanogawa Ohashi bridge straddling the Asano river that flows on the southside of Higashi Chaya district. Turn right at the Higashi-Chayagai-mae intersection. At the third intersection on your right, you'll see Jiyuken restaurant, and on the right in the back you'll see Hakuichi Higashiyama cafe.

  • From there, go into the narrow alleyway and keep following it.

  • After a bit, you'll see a sign reading "ひがし" on the right at the end of the alleyway, at which point you will turn right.

  • After turning right, go straight and you'll see the entrance to the restaurant.

Job type
Permanent staff
Job description
Chef duties, serving staff duties
Kanazawa, other
Bonus twice a year, raise once a year, transportation paid, housing allowance based on store regulations, social insurance, physical check up
Holiday, days off
Five day work week every other week, paid holidays

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●Business hours
12 pm to 2 pm/5:30 pm to 10 pm
  • *Please choose the course you wish to order from the Menu before making a reservation.
  • *Children dining with us are considered as children from 11 years old and above.
  • *Reservations are taken within 1 month in advance.
  • *If you get lost, please refer to the Directions.